8 Things to Put on Your Holiday Checklist

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Holidays this year will probably still look a little different than we are used to. With travel restrictions still in place for much of the world, it looks as though staycations are here to stay.

If you are planning a UK staycation this summer, there are things you will not want to forget before you hit the road.

Essential Staycation Checklist

Here are our 8 must-do things to put on your staycation checklist now.

1- Your Household Coverage

If you are leaving your house empty for an extended amount of time, it is a good idea to have the right household insurance coverage.

Check whether your current policy is comprehensive enough for your needs. You could also take out a new policy.

2- Storing your Valuables Somewhere Safe

Before you hit the road, make sure all your valuables are out of sight. If possible, store them somewhere you can lock them up, just in case the worst happens.

You could invest in a small safe if you have items that are irreplaceable or very expensive.

3- Getting someone to water your plants

Watering Plants
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If you have a lot of plants, you won’t want them to wilt and perish while you are away. Ask a friend or neighbour if they can water your plants while your out of town.

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4- Checking your Car Coverage

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You are most likely driving to your staycation destination. Although you probably have your insurance coverage in place, it is worth checking its validity and expiry before you travel, so you do not get caught out.

5- Taking out breakdown cover

If you do not currently have breakdown cover, it is a good thing to get before you travel. Especially if you are planning an extended UK road trip.

Repairs can be costly and hard to come by if you’re caught in the middle of nowhere.

6- Prepping your car for a long journey

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Road trips can be long and exhausting, so you will want to ensure your car is ready for the journey. Check tires, mirrors, lights, spark plugs, efficiency of gasket, etc. ahead of time.

Then, stock up the car with blankets, snacks, first aid kits, water and other essentials for life on the road.

7- Getting phone insurance

You will probably be taking lots of holiday photos on your phone. Phone insurance is essential for travellers, so make sure you are covered before you set off.

8- UK travel insurance coverage

Most people do not consider getting travel insurance out for domestic holidays. However, travel insurance can give you peace of mind.

Shop around for the best UK travel insurance deals to get the coverage you need.

No matter where you intend to spend your staycation, make sure you have checked off your list before you leave and enjoy a relaxing break.

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